Yazaki Australian Arrow – AAPL

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Yazaki Australia arrow will showcase how they have achieved substantial improvements in energy and water usage leading to them being awarded the Banksia Award in 2006.

Event Location : Carrum Downs

Event Date : 11/10/2010 0:00

Event Time : 9.00am - 11.30

About Event : Visual display of environmental foot print leads to increased engagement and significant reductions in CO2 emmissions and utilities consumption Creating a scorecard focusing on Improvements and performance Banksia award winner 2006

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Is the level of consumption of resources in your
organisation sustainable?

Visually improving the environmental impact

Yazaki Australian Arrow Pty Ltd will showcase how a leading electronics design company used innovative solutions to improve the effect they have on the environment.
This half-day onsite program at the Yazaki AAPL site in Carrum Downs will help you improve your understanding of waste management and how to operate in a resource constrained future.
The Sustainability Showcase at Yazaki AAPL Carrum Downs includes a presentation by our host and a facilitated tour of the facility. We will conclude with a formal debrief that consolidates key learning?s and take away messages.
What you will see … the AAPL visit will showcase to participants the benefit of improving the level of environmental awareness through environmental management systems. These initiatives have lead to the company winning the Gold Banksia Award


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