Woolworths Hume Distribution Centre

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Woolworths Hume Distribution Centre is one of nine grocery DC?s that services just under 800 supermarkets across the country.

Event Location : Broadmeadows

Event Date : 8/4/2010 0:00

Event Time : 9.30am - 12.30pm

About Event : Collaboration in supply chain Automation in material handling The use of bar codes to pick orders Electronic messaging

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Woolworths Hume Distribution Centre is one of nine grocery DCs that services just over 800 supermarkets across Australia.

Logistics is a major part of Woolworths competitive advantage over its chief competitors in the grocery sector as the company has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into logistics infrastructure over the past decade. Project Mercury and Project Refresh are internal projects designed to take cost out of the Supply Chain and Logistics operations of Woolworths.

The DCs at Hume and Minchinbury are key components of this strategy to build competitive advantage through greater efficiency to deliver ?everyday Low Prices? to consumers.


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