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What happens to your waste when it ?Goes Away??

Event Location : Springvale

Event Date : 9/23/2009 0:00

Event Time : 9.00am - 1.00pm

About Event : State of the art recycling technology Factors that determine the recyclability of packaging Sustainable packaging design principles Tips for correct labelling of packaging

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What happens to your waste when it ?Goes Away??

Visy Recycling Springvale is the largest Material Recovery Facility (MRF) of its kind in Victoria, the Site process’s in excess of 800 tonnes of recyclables a day. The facility sorts cardboard, paper, newsprint, glass bottles, aluminium and steel cans and plastic containers into single streams ready for the recycling process. Material is brought to the site from household recycling collections, commercial and industrial businesses.

In 2007 the site installed Near Infra Red Optical Sort technology which can detect and sort various grades of plastic at a rate of four tonnes per hour, making Visy Recycling the number one household recyclables processor.


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