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How can you turn your waste into a valuable resource

Event Location : Carrum Downs

Event Date : 10/21/2009 0:00

Event Time : 1.30pm - 5.00pm

About Event : Eliminating plastic waste going to landfill and to champion its reuse as a valuable resource. Challenging and educating the community about sustainable business practices. Insisting on the use of recycled plastic materials in preference to timber. Striving to make the planet a much cleaner and greener place.

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How can you turn your waste into a valuable resource

Replas is one of Australia?s leading Plastic Recycling companies with innovative processes for turning plastic waste into a valuable resource. The business has been operating for over 15 years and sells over 250 product lines made from recycled plastic. The plastic comes from domestic and industrial waste streams.

Replas has established relationships with a number of leading companies to promote recycling and sustainable business practices.

During your visit, you will receive training to inducted as an Honorary Garbologist and Enviromental Evangelist.


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