Port Phillip Wool Processing Pty Limited

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Event Location : Williamstown

Event Date : 5/24/2004 0:00

Event Time : 1.30pm-5.30pm

About Event : ? How sustainability and recycling have become major factors in Port Phillip Wools continued success
? How this success has developed into real and sustainable cost savings
? How Port Phillip Wool have remained competitive through innovation in a competitive market

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Port Phillip Wool Processing Pty Limited (PWP) scours and combs wool at its Williamstown mill in Melbourne. The world wool market is shrinking and consequently it is intensely competitive. To remain profitable maximum efficiency is essential.

Scouring is a refining process in which waste products are unavoidable, and increasing waste disposal costs result in the need to reduce processing costs. Several years ago PWP commenced a project to reduce waste costs and increase efficiency.

These improvements have yielded major environmental benefits, wool quality gains and cost savings, and have helped PWP through a period when other wool scourers have in some cases been forced to cease operation, whereas PWP have thrived.


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