Note Printing Australia

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Event Location : Craigieburn

Event Date : 9/15/2004 0:00

Event Time : 2.00 pm-6.00 pm

About Event : ? Strategies for market leadership
? Integrated Supply Chain and world-class polymer centre
? Innovation and product development for customer needs
? Research and development strategies
? Polymer recycling and waste management

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Note Printing Australia (NPA) is the manufacturer of Australia^s polymer banknotes and a world leader in innovative security printing. Unique technologies are used in manufacturing and this has seen NPA expand its business into many overseas markets. NPA has faced many challenges over the past few years, including a diminishing domestic banknote market and gaining international acceptance of its products and technologies.

This has been achieved through the establishment of a world-class polymer facility at Craigieburn, in partnership with its suppliers.


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