National Can Industries Limited

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Event Date : 8/28/2007 0:00

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About Event : Lean manufacturing
KanBan systems

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National Can Industries Limited is a public company listed on the Australian stock exchange since 1984.

NCI Packaging ? Australia comprises metal can and drum manufacturing, plastic injection moulding and metal sheeting and decoration operations.
The business has 8 manufacturing plants and supplies metal and plastic packaging products and services for application in paint, chemical, aerosol, industrial and food packaging markets.

Sales revenues grew by 6% to $ 141 million. Earnings grew as a consequence of improved margins, containment of operating costs and from the reduction in inventories built up in the previous year.

Customers today want a variety of products in the exact quantities they need, they also expect high
quality products at competitive prices, as well as speedy delivery of ordered goods.

To meet these needs and increase competitiveness some of our plants are implementing various Kanban systems.

Kanban is a simple card system used to signal the need for replenishment through the various stages of a process. It is a key element of the Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing approach that enables a company to produce the desired variety of products while keeping costs low, quality high, and lead time minimal. It does this by eliminating waste which in turn reduces cost from the process.


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