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A Tier One supplier who sees the lean philosophy as crucial to survival.

Event Location : South Oakleigh

Event Date : 5/22/2008 0:00

Event Time : 9.00am-1.00pm

About Event : Development of production cells

Lean as a holistic all-embracing philosophy, not a set of tools

Why it is so hard ? roadblocks, lack of resources and the need for persistence

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MtM Pty Ltd is a Tier One supplier to Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi and Toyota in Australia and to GM in the USA.

MtM have full design and development responsibility for a range of automotive products ? door handles; autoshifts; door checks and park brakes.

Product is supplied JIT to local OE manufacturers and a kan ban pull system operates to schedule the plant from customer to selected MtM sub-contractors.

MtM has embraced ?lean manufacturing? as a manufacturing philosophy and are using this in a holistic way to drive improvements in many areas such as scheduling, cell operation, logistics, layout and organisational development.

The lean philosophy is seen as crucial to survival in the face of increasing local and overseas competition.


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