Lean Office Demystified

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In one day Don Tapping will show you how to unlock the productivity potential in your office and administrative areas

Event Location : Novotel St Kilda

Event Date : 9/11/2008 0:00

Event Time : 8.30am - 4.30pm

About Event : During the day, Don will explain his proven system for Lean implementation into your office and administrative areas in including:

  • An overview of basic Lean concepts
  • An insight into Lean management, common Lean terms and concepts
  • Methods for identifying the administrative activities that need improvement
  • The eight-step process for removing waste and reorganising cost effective workflow for efficient processing
  • Examples of Lean implementation, common misconceptions and key focus areas

  • In addition, tools and techniques will be explained, such as:
  • Visual management, visual layout
  • Product and information flow
  • Levelled and balanced work
  • Takt time and Pitch
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    Service and administration processes are often overlooked in Lean management and continuous improvement initiatives.

    Although office and administrative activities can account for 60% of production costs in most manufacturing organisations and up to 80% in administrative service organisations, these areas are often excluded or overlooked during the Lean initiatives. To achieve the total benefits of Lean management, office activities must fully support manufacturing operations or core service value streams to eliminate waste and improve flow.

    Use the power of the Toyota Production system in your administration areas.

    Lean Office Demystified will convey to you the proven success of the Toyota Production System for administrative processes. Don will provide examples of documents and worksheets in a progressive manner that you can apply to your office area and beyond. He will explain each phase and how to establish your readiness to move to the next stage of implementation, providing the foundation for planning and implementing your administrative improvements while maximising employee performance.

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