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Although office and administrative activities can account for 60% of the production costs in most manufacturing organisations and up to 80% in administrative service organisations, these areas often get excluded or overlooked during Lean initiatives.

Lean in the Office? Insight with a sensei? will convey to you the proven success of the Toyota Production System for administrative processes.

Don will provide examples of documents and worksheets in a progressive manner that most of us can apply to our office area and beyond. He will explain each phase and how to establish our readiness to move to the next stage of implementation, providing the foundation blueprint for planning and implementing our administrative improvement while maximising employee performance. During the days proceedings we will be provided with examples of the application of various lean tools.


Don will deliver his proven system for Lean implementation into your office and administrative areas including:

  • An overview of basic Lean concepts.
  • Methods for identifying the administrative activities that need improvement.
  • Stabilise, Standardise, Simplify.
  • Stages of implementation and ready guide.
  • The eight-step process for removing waste and reorganising cost effective workflow for efficient processing.
  • Introduce guidelines and checklists to help direct and maintain lean improvements.
  • Introduce a self assessment tool for rating your Lean administrative areas.
  • Provide an insight into Lean management, common Lean terms and concepts.
  • Examples of Lean implementation, common misconceptions and key focus areas.
  • Key concepts such as;
    Visual management, visual layout.
    Product and information flow.
    Levelled and balanced work.? A set of conference notes.

A signed Don Tapping book, for the first 10 delegates

Down load the “Lean in the Office” flyer from www.i2e.org.au/downloads.

Event Location : Melbourne CBD

Event Date : 2007-09-05

Event Time : 9am - 5pm

About Event : Based on the Lean practices of offices, hospitals and clinics all over the United States, you will learn the answers to these questions and many others by using the 5 Keys contained in this book.
How do you implement Lean in an office, a hospital, clinic or lab?
What are the first critical steps?
What are the common problems, and how do you avoid them?

You will learn how Lean, specifically the tool of 5S, can be used to improve patient care and reduce cost in your healthcare facility.

Lean tools will be explained using actual best practice examples and author experiences from St. John Hospital, Grosse Pointe, St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, Vermont Medical Center, and The University of Michigan Medical Center.

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Administrative functions represent up to 80 percent of the cost of doing business.

Don Tapping is recognised as one of the most up to date, global leaders in Lean
Management, an established best selling author, consultant and Lean Office

Don has worked for over 25 years eliminating waste and improving bottom-line results
in the telecommunications, medical, automotive, industrial, and aerospace industries.
He was directly involved in providing leadership in Lean implementation activities for
Eaton Aerospace Division, UNISTRUT Corporation, Schlumberger Technologies and
Data Scan Services.

Don continues to set the bar for Lean improvement, with his ability to design and
teach step-by-step implementation methodologies identifying processes that require
improvement, and then introducing proactive steps to improve or redesign them so
reducing costs, boosting performance, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Over the past 10 years Don has been specifically applying Lean Office practices in
the USA and Europe and has produced several best selling books associated with
Lean Office, Lean Health, Lean Finance, Value Stream Mapping and Lean for Jobbing

Lean Office Demystified, the proven success of the Toyota Production System for the office is explained in clear and simple terms that can? help any office situation in solving problems? improve workflow? reduce employee stress and? improve overall office productivity – while meeting customer demand ?Allows Lean to be aplied in administrative areas with a simple 1-2-3 step process.?Doug Beument, Training Manager,ADVO Food Group.

Down load the “Lean in the Office” flyer from www.i2e.org.au / downloads


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