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Over 500 Insight events and 8,000 participants later Insights continues to grow in popularity and has become the trusted partner for hosts and participants on their continuous improvement journeys.

Event Location : Site to be advised

Event Date : 12/25/2011 0:00

Event Time : 9.00am - 1.00pm

About Event : Innovation Insights is a low cost tech diffusion model multiplying successes of individual companies. Typically, between 20 to 60 participants meet at a Victorian enterprise to explore their application of a best practice. The host delivers a presentation on their companies vision and best practice followed by a ?warts and all? presentation of the particular tool, system or practice. A tour of the facility to see the best practice in operation is concluded with a formal learning debrief, where the i2e facilitators examine First impressions, Feed back (to host), Key learning?s and Take-aways to consolidate the learning experience for each participant. This program has established itself as one of the most successful government sponsored programs.

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The performance and delivery capability of many principal large sized manufacturing and process intensive organisation, that are experiencing growth in demand and export opportunity, is being constrained in-part due to the capability and performance of their suppliers, especially the large number of small medium sized enterprises.

Many SME organisations are greatly dependant on the success of these larger organisations for their own success and growth. Supplier development models have been primarily limited to organisations that directly supply to an automotive OE.

The most rapid and arguably most effective means of strengthening these SMEs is to develop closer links with key customers and streamline the value chain. The focus for enhancing these chains may focus initially on delivery performance and productivity, but be extended to include product design, process innovation and resource efficiency.

Those organisations that have gained awareness are now actively seeking support in the ‘how-to’ implementation phases. A ‘one-to-many’ approach to supporting was first developed by South Australian Centre for Manufacturing in the 1990’s and has been further developed by Insights to Excellence


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