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One of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies. Boronia exports 60% of its output, to about 70 countries.

Event Location : Boronia

Event Date : 6/18/2009 0:00

Event Time : 9.00am-1.00pm

About Event : GSK's Implementation of the Vision Factory
Creating a lean culture The use of process capability in making processes more robust and improving quality.
The application of lean principles in reducing door to door time.
Implementation of the 'lean lab' to reduce testing times.
Visual systems

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GSK is one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies and its Boronia factory employs approximately 500 people in the manufacture, packaging and distribution of its products. Over 60% of the factory’s output is exported to about 70 countries around the world.

The factory is part of the Global Manufacturing and Supply (GMS) division of GSK. Over the past few years the site has been implementing its “Vision Factory” program with the aims of improving quality, reducing lead times and cost. This global GMS initiative uses both lean and six sigma methodologies and is supported by training and a dedicated team of internal experts.

The Boronia factory competes with other sites around the world and implementing the Vision Factory is essential to its success and growth.


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