Fast Forward … Canada 2011

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In response to demand for mentoring and accelerated learning, Insights to Excellence (i2e) will deliver a series of International Insights to develop tomorrows leader?s today.

The first International Insight is an exciting opportunity to experience excellence in action in North America

Insights to Europe and Asia will be added later in 2011.

Event Location : Canada

Event Date : 5/26/2011 0:00

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About Event : Dramatically improve performance ... Develop tomorrows leader?s today... Transform your enterprise ... Learn from the Best ...

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Dramatically improve performance …
Develop tomorrows leader?s today…
Transform your enterprise …
Learn from the Best …

In response to demand for mentoring and accelerated learning, Insights to Excellence (i2e) will deliver a series of International Insights to develop tomorrows leader?s today.

The first International Insight is an exciting opportunity to experience excellence in action in North America ? Insights to Europe and Asia will be added later in 2011.

North America is said to be 8 to 10 years ahead in their uptake of Lean, compared to almost all Australian firms.

Insights to Excellence and Leveraged LEAN join forces to accelerate the fortunes of 12 Australian and New Zealand enterprises.
This International Insight will be co-hosted by Archie Cowan of i2e and Gary Kerr of Leveraged LEAN who will draw on their vast knowledge of continuous improvement to ensure you get the most value when you walk the Gemba of 9 of North America?s best Lean plants ? Ensuring you don?t miss a thing!

You will learn from world-class practitioners and experience truly ?best in class? in every conceivable environment ? electronics to automotive ? food to aerospace. Walk the Gemba and experience high mix ? low volume fabrication ? engineer to order ? low mix ? high volume and continuous flow enterprises.

You will also participate in a full-day Kaizen event at CGL Manufacturing where you will experience Kaizen to prepare you to deploy in your own enterprise.
Just think what such a ?competition busting? advantage this would deliver to your enterprise?
? Energised workforce aligned to a common goal
? Innovative work practices driving continuous improvement
? Higher valued added supply chain relationships
? Greater efficiency and productivity
? Increased sales, customer retention and growth

Fast Forward … Canada 2011

Join Fast Forward and you will experience the future of Lean deployment ? develop ideas to deploy in your own enterprise and gain Insights into how best to accelerate operational performance.

This Fast Forward is timed to coincide with the Canadian Association for Manufacturing Excellence Annual Conference, Calgary. Join Archie and Gary and up to 750 other Lean practitioners for 5-days of uninterrupted learning, networking and business.

Why Canada is special…
The region immediately West of Toronto is a rich manufacturing belt developed as a low-cost exporter to the US auto and associated industries. As the Canadian dollar has strengthened manufacturers have introduced Lean Thinking into their businesses to remain competitive.

Today they are said to be a decade ahead of Australia in Lean deployment and are representative of the shape of things to come.

Canada?s almost identical culture and social structure to Australia and their willingness to share with us makes them ideal Fast Forward partners.

What to expect.
Archie Cowan and Gary Kerr will be your hosts for the entire week, offering their passion and expertise along the way to ensure you reap the greatest benefit from the program, hosts and conference events.

The Fast Forward program of 9 of the best Lean plant tours and a full day Kaizen event participation

4 star accommodation and breakfast for week
Toronto, Pearson Airport, group collection and all associated ground transport
CD/USB of photographs and materials collected on tour
Optional down-time activities and sightseeing to include Niagara Falls
Special rate to attend the AME Annual Conference, Calgary (optional)
You will be responsible for:
Flight costs to and from Toronto
Meals (other than breakfast)
AME Annual Conference and all associated costs

Jefferson Elora Co
This private Tier one automotive components manufacturer opened in Elora in 1997 and now employs over 300 people . While many of the regions auto-parts manufacturers are downsizing, Jefferson are continuing their growth through export and local markets. With customers such as Toyota and Honda you would expect to see advanced Lean thinking throughout. With just 8 hours of inventory and significant financial penalties for late deliveries, this is Lean at its best.

A part of the Global aerospace and defense giant, Raytheon Canada has been aggressively pursuing Lean thinking outcomes for over a decade. Their advanced Lean systems are the envy of their competitors and run to Lean Logistics and Operations.

This is always the biggest stand out in a quality-packed field. CTS are one of Toyota?s leading suppliers and always impress. From their new Toyota Cells to their more mature production lines you will see advanced Lean Thinking in action. They use a Kanban-type visual schedule to continuously improve their end-of-month management accounts preparation.

This plant in Milton is one of Eaton Electric?s highest rating plant on the Eaton Lean Scorecard. Medium Volume high mix product combined with some standard production gives this plant a unique set of challenges. Every employee is involved in a Lean Team in this constantly changing and improving plant.. In early 2006 they moved every work cell in the plant and changed flow from East West to North South. To keep ahead of the competition, this plant is constantly changing and constantly improving.

Escort are manufacturers of Electronic assemblies such as vehicle mounted Radar detectors. They have been on their Lean journey for a number of years and employ Kanban for replenishment, great 5S, flow you can see and more in this modern, world-class facility.

Kraft Coffee
High volume and High mix with over 400 SKU?s this plant has implemented Lean to a mature degree. We have been visiting Kraft since 2002 and witnessed the introduction of 5S, Work Cells, Value Stream Management, Poka Yoke, Kanban, Heijunka, Jidoka and Visual Management. This plant is a stand-out.

Privately owned steel fabrication business manufacturing a range of OEM components for Volvo earth moving equipment and other vehicle builders. Best practices include Kanban, Poka Yoke, Set-Up Reduction. While manufacturers have been going out business, CGL has been growing using Lean as the main business improvement driver.

Cogent Power
A world-leader in the design and manufacture of Transformer cores and components. Their philosophy is to Effectively lead and sustain continuous change and improvement in a lean thinking environment, thereby driving productivity, quality, and overall capability/ manufacturing processes in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly work place.

Architectural Aluminium manufacturers. One of the amazing ?Barry Wood? companies, these are some of the best led organizations in Nth America. Barry is well-known for taking good companies and making them GREAT through superior leadership, clear vision and Lean values. One of Barry?s secrets seems to be to surround himself with superior people, sharing his vision and getting out of their way.

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