Davey Water Products

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Event Location : Scoresby

Event Date : 10/12/2005 0:00

Event Time : 1.00pm-5.00pm

About Event : * Visual factory
* Kanban
* Value stream mapping in practice

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How to unlock the passion in team members through Green eye?s

Davey Water Products is the largest water pump manufacturer in Australia and exports 25% of its production to over 60 countries. Davey Water Products has been manufacturing in Australia for 71 years and is part of the GUD group.

Davey Water Products reputation is built on innovation in both its products and processes. The company has been on the Lean journey since 2000 and has embraced the principles across the organization.

As part of this process Davey Water Products moved into a purpose built and designed facility in July 2001.

The picture shows Davey Water Products latest innovation: RainBank, designed for ease of manufacturing and assembly.


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