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As Australia’s sole PVC manufacturer, Australian vinyls will showcase their remarkable energy and water savings which have been implemented over the past decade along with a state of the art Water Recycling Plant which will halve the company’s water usage

Event Location : Laverton

Event Date : 2/24/2011 0:00

Event Time : 9.00am - 11.30am

About Event : Environment (visual - carbon/water) ?EREP power saving measures ?VSD's ?Cooling tower efficiency assessments ?$$ water recycling plant ?Efficient Boiler Operations ?PVC production process through oxychlorination does not produce any waste products and all are value adding to society. ?VCM is recycled in process to be used again rather than un-reacted monomer vented to be scrubbed / burnt ?Processed of leak detection and minimised fugitive emissions of VCM by plant design ?Capturing PVC to be recycled or sold as low grade material

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Australian Vinyls has been able to significantly reduce Energy/Water/CO2.

Australian Vinyls acknowledges sustainability encompasses far more than accounting for carbon and water use. To this end broader issues of sustainability have been addressed in conjunction with water and energy efficiency.

PVC as a product demonstrates excellent resource efficiency in it value chain, with each output adding value to society and minimising waste.
The versatility of PVC allows for reductions in waste from the conversion from Vinyl Chloride Monomer, with even low grade material able to be recycled and utilised.

Sustainability also incorporates the support of the community and AV’s relationship with its members. Australian Vinyls has maintained open and ongoing communication with local community since 2000 through the community liaison committee, keeping the community informed of our progress on our sustainability journey.

As with maintaining a healthy and safe workforce, positive and cooperative relationships with both the residential and commercial community maintain the human aspect of sustainability.


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