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Event Location : Dandenong South

Event Date : 8/30/2006 0:00

Event Time : 4.30pm-8.30pm

About Event : Dandenong Letters Centre opened for operations in June 1999, employing today approximately 1500 people in a full and part time capacity. The centre processes 6.5 million mail articles a day, 20% of the national mail volume.

The centre is an amalgamation of six mail centres collapsed into the one large facility. This has been a major challenge and is a story of success worth telling.

A key component of the continuous improvement journey of the past few years has been the spirit of teamwork fostered through programmes such as:

? Cross functional best practice teams.
? Reward and recognition.
? Visual Factory (Lean Manufacturing Principles).

Our ongoing improvement is heavily reliant on our ability to strengthen and integrate the cross functional relationships within the facility: Operations, Logistics, Technical, and Administration.

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Australia Post Dandenong Letters Facility represents a state of the art letter processing site catering for all the letters in Victoria. This facility processes 6 to 7 million letters a day and represents one of the largest letter processing facilities in the world.


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