AME A Smarter Future Conference – Insights

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Toyota Boshoku Australia and Vistaprint

Event Location : Laverton

Event Date : 2/23/2015 0:00

Event Time : 8.30am - 4.30pm

About Event : LEARN ABOUT Application of TPS Kaizen mindset Genchi Gembutsu Flow Standard work LEARN ABOUT Developing a lean culture Strong visual systems Cascading hoshin Lean layout, Cells and flow Employee engagement Work Menus Leader Standard Work

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AME Conference Workplace Insights provide a practical learning opportunity to improve business performance though facilitated Insights to the workplace of exemplar Victorian enterprises, these events are only available to conference participants and should be booked online at
Toyota Boshoku takes a comprehensive approach in developing the entire concept of interior spaces, from the development stage to design, procurement and production, as an interior system supplier for automobile manufacturers. In our pursuit to achieve comfortable, safe and attractive interiors, we provide integrated and effectively coordinated interior space systems comprised of seats, door trims, headliners, floor carpets and other components.

For us, ideal manufacturing reflects a commitment to produce products of the highest quality that meet customers? expectations and enrich their mobility life.
We aim to carry on the spirit of our founder Sakichi Toyoda who strongly believed in the thorough, repeated testing of products and only sent products to market that had been perfected. He believed that ?A product should never be sold unless it has been tested thoroughly and satisfactorily.? With this in mind, we always focus on realising advanced, high-quality manufacturing.

Toyota Boshoku continuously works to create highly efficient production lines by undertaking kaizen activities on a daily basis. Rather than relying on our achievements to date, we repeatedly say that even the latest production line is not the best it can be and constantly undertake efforts to improve productivity.

Our aim is to create simple production lines with minimal processes that require fewer man-hours and are streamlined. These lines only produce what is needed, when it is needed and in the quantity needed according to the Just-In-Time concept. We strive to create production lines that are compact, wastefree and highly productive. Through constant improvements, our ultimate goal is to create optimal, all-purpose lines that can produce a range of products on a single line. Going forward, we seek to create a global production system that meets customers? needs anywhere in the world.

In early 2010 Vistaprint began preparations to launch the new APAC Vistaprint site, in Derrimut VIC. Upon operation commencement, the leadership team immediately launched a Lean framework and manufacturing system all whist ramping up plant production. The team supported $30M of revenue and a 44% growth rate in the first year of production.
Vistaprint is a proud culture and has the audacity to aim for the prestigious Shingo prize “The Nobel Prize for Manufacturing Excellence” in 2014.
Since its debut on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2005, Vistaprint has consistently seen double digit growth rates while expanding into global markets like Europe, Japan and Australia. Vistaprint has also grown beyond just a business offering business cards; they now offer hundreds of product options and turnkey marketing solutions for small businesses.

With over two billion dollars in sales since 2006, today Vistaprint has over 25 localised websites that serves various markets around the world, over 4,100 employees and four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities including the very successful plant in Derrimut, Victoria


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