Sustainability Insights

As the cost of materials and energy continues to increase, organisations face the challenge of adopting sustainability strategies and linking them with their operational excellence programs.

Experience how some of Australia’s most successful enterprises have embraced concepts of sustainability to ensure they have a business today and tomorrow. By participating at an Insight event, you will witness the secrets to their success and discuss how to best prepare and lead your enterprise for the future by implementing what you have seen to in action.

Supported by Sustainability Victoria’s Beyond Waste Fund program, i2e facilitate these showcase events following an extended Insights methodology. Typically lasting between three to four hours, an event takes place at an exemplar host, is facilitated by an experienced practitioner, and includes presentations from the host and a supplementary panel of recognised experts and case studies.

The host’s presentation is supported by a ‘waste-walk’ through the operations to ensure participants experience and ‘learn to see’ beyond waste opportunities and are able to take-away key learnings to adapt to their own enterprise.
From past research: 98% of participants attend for new ideas, 78% implement them.

The Beyond Waste Insights program delivery partners include the Centre for Sustainable Resource Consumption, Lean to Green and GreenChip.