About Us

Fostering a community of best practice

Insights to Excellence (i2e) provide exactly what the name suggests.

Established in 2006 as a not-for-profit i2e was created to foster and promote an awareness of manufacturing excellence and better practice within the Victorian business community.

Today Insights is more relevant than ever, playing an important role for Australian manufacturing and service-based industries, supporting a more sustainable community of better practice i2e increasingly embraces health, logistics and supply chain sectors.

Simple and brilliant at the same time i2e uses proven experiential knowledge transfer methodology we call an Insight that pairs exemplar hosts with aspiring participant enterprises looking to improve. Being on similar journeys to excellence, host and participant enterprises exchange ideas, concepts and process thinking benefiting both host and participant.

Discussion at a host Gemba further refine and improve the participants understanding; they are encouraged by the host to tailor the concepts to their own operation and ‘Steal with Pride’. Insight’s typically lasts three to four hours, are facilitated by an experienced practitioner who supports the host to ensure participants experience better practice and are able to take-away key learnings.

Australian Insights began in 2002, inspired by similar tech diffusion initiatives operating at that time in the UK and Canada entitled ‘Inside UK Enterprise’ and ‘Innovation Insights’ respectively. Today Insights operate in many advanced economies, transforming businesses, operations and industries.

From an original innovation focus, insights have expanded to currently embrace the public offerings of; supply Chain, service, design and sustainability Insights. It is supported by an increasing number of private and international events shaped around the specific needs and timing of enterprises.

i2e are said to be the ‘Ideas Factory’ – a place where participants learn from the best, share experiences, in a supportive community of enterprises pursuing better practice.

Landmark events for i2e include Jayco Caravans sharing excellence with the 4,000th Innovation Insight participant in 2006 and 2010 seeing Black Widow hosting the 7,000th participant.

Andy Kelsall
Insights to Excellence