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Established in 2006 as a not-for-profit i2e was created to foster and promote an awareness of manufacturing excellence and better practice within the Victorian business community. Today Insights is more relevant than ever playing an important role for Australian manufacturing and service based industries, supporting a more sustainable community of better practice. i2e increasingly embraces health and supply chain sectors. Simple and brilliant at the same time, i2e uses proven experiential knowledge transfer methodology we call an Insight, which pairs exemplar hosts with aspiring participant enterprises looking to improve...Read More

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Insights to Excellence (i2e) provide exactly what the name suggests.
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  • Hall of Fame

    Ideas are the life-blood of every enterprise and through the Hall of Fame Insights participants have the chance to see the most success Victorian manufactu

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  • Innovation Insights

    Experience how some of the most successful Australian enterprises use innovation and better practice to grow their businesses enabling you to accelerate yo

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  • Sensei Insights

    i2e collaborates with a significant community of process improvers. Not advising or consulting. i2e has been increasingly asked by enterprises to provide f

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  • Private

    Experience how some of the most successful Australian enterprises have developed and implemented world class practices to improve their businesses, enablin

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