• High Performance Consortium

    High Performance Consortiums mission is to facilitate the development of 20 non-competing high potential manufacturing enterprises toward World-Class performance. Working in collaboration members will achieve tangible business benefits whilst developing a sustainable World Class capability in their business and people.

    High Performance Consortiums vision of the HPC network is a challenging environment that dramatically accelerates each member´s progress in achieving and sustaining World-Class business performance and growth.

    High Performance Consortium value achieving results through customer satisfaction, teamwork, integrity, innovation, creativity, open communication, mutual respect and support.

  • apics

    Australasian Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)

    “apics, your agency for professional development”

    The Australasian Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) exists for the purpose of promoting the development of professionalism in manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and service industries in Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand, through the services we provide, both to our members and Australian industry in general

  • ame

    Association for Manufacturing Excellence

    The AME are a group of individuals who are eager not only to improve our own knowledge of excellence, but also to share our experiences with other members,both through informal networking and more formal local and international events and conferences.

    The AME puts on several regional, national and international events each year; we are practitioner-based, and all our events focus on hands-on learning. The AME (North America) publishes the award-winning Target magazine several times a year, and the AME (Australia) produces a monthly newsletter to keep local members up to date.

    Membership of the AME (Australia) is for individuals who are seeking to improve themselves and their colleagues through shared experiences and learning. The AME (Australia) is an affiliate of the AME (North America).

  • Industry Capability Network Victoria (ICN)

    Industry Capability Network Victoria (ICN) is an independent, non-profit organisation funded by the Victorian State Government. With offices in Melbourne, Bendigo, Traralgon and Geelong.

    ICN sources competitive Australian products and services. for free! We find local producers and evaluate their technical capability to meet your production requirements. ICN also encourages the use of licensing agreements for technology not locally available

  • Sustainability Victoria

    Sustainability Victoria´s purpose is to show the way to using our resources more efficiently and reducing our everyday environmental impacts.

  • Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)

    The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) is Australia´s leading industry organisation representing 10,000 employers in manufacturing, construction, automotive, telecommunications, IT & call centres, transport, labour hire and other industries. Ai Group´s members operate businesses of all sizes throughout Australia and represent a broad and expanding range of sectors. We provide comprehensive advice and assistance to help members run their businesses more effectively and to become more competitive on a domestic and international level.

  • City of Greater Dandenong

    The City of Greater Dandenong, through the Economic Development Unit and South East Networks, continues to support and promote partnerships between Council, businesses and business associations/organisations.

    South East Networks supports businesses by facilitating network programs. Networking provides a powerful tool that provides a competitive advantage to companies to enhance their business growth and development.

    The Economic Development Unit supports over 7,000 businesses in the industrial, retail and commercial areas by maintaining the business databases. This encourages businesses to support each other and to contribute to the economic growth of Greater Dandenong.


    NORTH Link/NIETL is a regional partnership of industry, education and government established for the purposes of economic development, regional marketing and promotion of Melbourne´s north.

    NORTH Link/NIETL forms part of an integrated program coordinated by the region´s active network of local government, industry and educational institutions. The program is supported by the Victorian Government´s Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development. The Victorian State Government is a pro-business government.

  • Geelong Manufacturing Council

    The Geelong Manufacturing Council was established in 1998 through a partnership between the Australian Chamber of Manufactures, (now the Australian Industry Group), the Geelong Development Board and the City of Greater Geelong.

    The GMC has the objectives of working with the industry to strengthen and support the region´s manufacturing sector through building confidence and broadening the industry base.

    Improving the image of manufacturing is an important area of focus with efforts to develop stronger links with education, business community and government